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The Newlywed Card Game
Where every card feels like a first date
Cara L.
"Created endless memories."

Playing this game helped us make so many incredible new memories. Grateful for it!

Sarah B.
"I played this game 10 times."

This game isn't for one-time-use. It's great for constant play. We've played it more than 10x.

Mike V.
"An awesome gift."

Gave this to my wife as 1st anniversary gift and she loved it. It made her happy.

Meet the first-ever card game for newlyweds that adds a spark of romance, adventure, and fun
after the honeymoon ends.

The #1 Question Newlyweds Ask:

"We're married.... now what?" 

Planning a wedding takes up so much space in a couple's lives and after the honeymoon ends and the thank you cards enter mailboxes, a newly married couple might feel endless amounts of emotion and be eager to find fresh ways to bring excitement and fun into the relationship. 

 Plus, things shift , and evolve during the first years of marriage.


There are a lot of conversations, challenges, and changes that pop-up and it be hard to know how to navigate those moments. 

This card game is an enjoyable way to ease into this new marital status and phase of life.

Inside The Newlywed Card Game
When you get your hands on The Newlywed Card Game, you'll find 75 curated cards inside.

Couples will embark on adventure powered by three different types of categories of cards.

 Chit-Chat: These cards are conversation prompts that take you back to some of those first date jittery feelings, but this time, you're getting to know each other on a much deeper and intimate level. The prompts are a mix of laugh-out-loud funny and therapeutic and thoughtful. 

Challenge: Get ready to press go on a mix of unique and memorable activities that are perfect for a pit-stop on date night, an at-home experience during a rainy Sunday afternoon, or just a quick burst of fun during a busy weeknight. 

 Up Close & Personal: A combination of conversation and activities, these cards will take your relationship to a new place, infused with intimacy and a refresher on how much love there is between you and your partner. 

 How to Play the Game 

 Whether you have an hour, an afternoon, or an entire date night ahead of you, this card game can come with you as a source of entertainment, joy, and a spark of romance. It fits perfectly in a purse, pocket, or on your kitchen table. 

 With 75 different cards to pick from, you can pull cards in any order, and repeat the ones you love for years to come.

Ryan H.
"Got emotional LOL"

We laughed, cried, and experienced a rollercoaster of emotion. It was incredible.

Lisa T.
"Bought this for all my friends!"

The best gift for those recently engaged. I've bought it for so many friends and they love it.

Amy Q.
"Much-needed game."

Newlyweds need a burst of fun after the wedding. This game serves that purpose.

Meet Jen Glantz


I’m Jen Glantz, a writer based in Brooklyn. Some know me as the founder of the one of a kind business, Bridesmaid for Hire, where I’ve worked hundreds of weddings as a professional bridesmaid for strangers, some know me from their bookshelves, others as the host of the You’re Not Getting Any Younger podcast. Very few people know me from the bench outside Joe’s pizza, where I spend a lot of my free time. 


I recently started a powerful and popular newsletter, The First Years of Marriage, because nobody prepares you for the challenges, changes, and conversations that begin once the honeymoon ends. The newsletter includes diary-like essays and observations, expert advice, eye-opening facts, thoughtful (and sometimes oddly entertaining) resources. 


Feedback, comments, and suggestions from readers sparked the idea for this much-needed and fun card game for newlyweds. 

 Questions, adventures, and activities inside were carefully curated by research, readers, and experts. 

 I'm grateful that you are here and you are considering supporting this incredible game! 

 Virtual hug, 

 Jen Glantz

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