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The 90-day challenge is unlike anything you've done before. It's a mix of goal-getting, accountability, coaching & community - plus so much more. 

Kathy H.
90-Day Challenger (January-April)

"Since signing up for the 90-day class, I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time. From starting a podcast to cleaning the clutter out of my house, her weekly videos, assignments, workshops and coaching sessions have changed the way I think about myself. Plus, she’ll just jump into my inbox with words of encouragement or a little push, just when I need it. I can’t wait to see what I can do in the next 90 days!"

Don't forget, enrolling in the challenge today gets you...

Weekly Challenges & Assignments

Every Monday, a new set of challenges & assignments drop to hep conquer your to-do list, goals & life next-steps.

A 90-Day Workbook & Goal Tracker

Track progress, eyeball accomplishments and stay accountable with a 90-day workbook.

Video Lessons & Workshops 

Unique short video lessons & workshops for you to watch every single week to pump your life with inspiration.

Group Coaching & Community

Never feel alone in this challenge! Enjoy 2x a month group coaching calls & access to the community.

Plus lots more!

Lisa D.
90-Day Challenger

"The weekly exercises, check ins and feedback has completely changed how I view goal setting, time, and plans in general. Sometimes simple tasks like writing down the goals, from the simple to the what you would deem ‘impossible' is very therapeutic, get them all out and assess how you can achieve them. Breaking goals into 3 monthly sections really helped me list what I wanted to achieve by spring, and then monthly and weekly goals kept me on track, and with confidence I can say I have achieved 90% of them! Jen has empowered me to go with my gut, to take those chances, and to BELIEVE IN ME! Jen pushed me to apply for a role I wanted, but didn’t think I’d get, and guess what- I got it. Jen cheered me on to believe in myself, and it worked. The 90 day challenge has given me the best start to my year, and provided me with manageable steps to achieve my goals, and strategies to help me follow through. I can’t thank Jen enough for opening up a piece of me that I thought was forgotten!:

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Bring a Friend to the Challenge for 50% off 

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